Items currently in stock

This list is by no means exhaustive, but gives a good idea of what we have in at the moment. Some are available on the ETSY shop but by no means all of them, so if there is anything you are interested in just drop us a line.

Uruguay amethyst – points and free standing, Blue John flourite, Lapis chunks / sphere / tumbles / pendants / bracelets, Sphere’s, Selenite sphere / towers / strips / tumbles, AAA grade gemstone cabochons, Pyromorphite, Super 7, Black tourmaline chunks / pendants / bracelets, Raw black garnet, Salt lamps small / large / shaped, Kyanite black / green / orange / blue /pendants, Black mica, Grape agate, Malachite tumbles / display pieces / bracelets, Green tourmaline on matrix – light and dark, Healerite Dyed agate slices thick and thin, Natural agate slices, Large agate display pieces, Celestite, Flourite on matrix / yellow / purple / tumbles / raw / green / white / pendants, Spanish gotherite, wands, Chalcedony, Rose quartz gemmy / rough / jewellery / palmstones / hearts, Zincite Green & Orange, Orange calcite (orchid calcite), River quartz, Blue apatite rough and tumbled, Moss agate, Fossil slabs (Gotham/Picture jasper), Danburite, Kunzite, Erithite, Drusy half geodes, Bloodstone, Raw Topaz, Rhodonite palmstones / chunks/ tumbles / jewellery, Coated quartz, Snow geodes, Raw Ruby, Smithsonite, Peacock Ore, Fossilised coral, Quartz clusters, Amethyst clusters, Flourite slices, Labradorite slices / hearts / tumbles / jewellery, Clear quartz display / points / jewellery, Blue lace agate, Healer quartz, Larimar, Blue Tigers Eye, Henge stone, Hematite, Meteorite, Ammonites, Calcite on black tourmaline, Emerald raw, Moonstone tumbles / obelisk / jewellery, Ocean Jasper jewellery / tumbles / palm stones, Fairy stones / Goddess stones / Melanite, Aquamarine jewellery / cabochons / raw / tumbled stones, Pyrite display pieces / palm stones / cubes / tumbles, Fossil’s, Haematoid quartz, Nummnite, Shiva Lingham, Leopolidite, Aura quartz, Topaz polished, Bloodstone, Blue Obsidian, Calcite yellow, blue, honey green, Unakite, Moss agate, Tree agate, Cavansite, Citrine, Chrysocolla, Blue chalcedonies, Hematite, Raw tanzanite, Zebra jasper, Rhodonite, Red Jasper, Malachiyte tumble’s, Amethyst tumble’s, Carnelian tumble’s, Amazonite tumble’s, Obsidian snowflake tumble’s, Citrine tumble’s, Garnets tumble’s, Yellow calcite tumble’s, Shungite tumble’s / shapes, Orchid calcite, Smoky quartz tumble’s, Jade, Black calcite, Mangano calcite (UV), Galeana, Monochrome Jasper, Fossilised tiles, Mahogany obsidian, Yellow Tigers eye, Sodalite, Dalmatian Jasper, Palo Santo, Sweet Grass, Sage.