Welcome to BeHoptimystic

Every Saturday you will find us in person at Warwick Market with a wide range of crystals and fossils and jewellery made from it.

The website, purchasing from it, and the full range of rare and more popular gemstones is something that is being worked on at the moment.

The aim of BeHoptimystic is to offer a range of goods and services designed to help you to help yourself (and those you love and befriend).

There are crystals, smudging tools, sprays, soaps, jewellery with purpose, spiritual and self help preloved/vintage books and cards and artsy inspirational gifts. Much of which is to be added to the site.

Have a good look around, the main aim of the site, products and services are to help you to cheer yourself up and onward, cheer up a friend or loved one, find a solution, be inspired, take positive action and feel better.

Private readings are also available which involve, at present, telephone readings followed up by your own personal postal delivery of crystals based on your reading.

Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page as by purchasing any products or services you agreeing to its conditions.

You will also find us on ETSY, Facebook and Instagram. Please follow us on the socials for regular updates.

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